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“It’s one thing to have great ideas.  It’s another to implement them.” — Me

Jerry Flattum -Resume (Jan 2014)


Like most creative types, I have several projects and endeavors simultaneously competing to see which one takes me, well, further down the road.

In an article from an older column, “Adventures of a Songwriter,”  on the Musesmuse.com site, I jokingly referred to the dilemma of artists taking on too much as:  MCPD – Multiple Creative Personality Disorder.

I’m a songwriter and writer, and there’s just no separating the two.  Sub-titles include singer, keyboardist, digital arranger, actor, journalist, freelance writer, book author, screenwriter.

Would you believe I have absolutely no desire to direct?  I like developing my leadership skills, but I’m far more comfortable as a hired gun.

Actually, the problem is more a practical one than being scattered-brained.  Launching a book and a series of recordings in prep for licensing requires financing.  Until I happen to stumble over that proverbial suitcase full of money lying on the side of the road, I have to work.

Most people are of the mindset that you do one thing and one thing only.  Well, there’s a hoard of multi-talented people–not just in entertainment–who prove you can conquer many challenges.  Yeah, I know:  Success in one area before moving onto the next.  But who knows which one will hit first?  What if the book sells before the songs are licensed, or the other way around?

Global Entertainment in the 21st Century will be my first book launch coming in 2014.  I love writing, but if the book makes money, that money will go to finance recording costs.

Meanwhile, I still need a source of income while prepping and finally putting the book on market.  So, I’ve been furiously hunting for a writer/editor position.

Current column, “What Is A Story?” for Script Magazine, is a thrill to write…but it doesn’t pay.   Another column, “Convergence In Entertainment,” on Technorati.com, is no longer active but remains visible…and also didn’t pay.

That’s alot of work with no money coming in.  Obviously one New Year’s resolution is to stop writing for free.  I think I’ve proven myself.  Internship is over.  Dues are paid.

Other endeavors include having registered with Central Casting, but at $64 a day, it might as well be free.  I signed up just to get my feet wet in the LA acting world.  Years of performing on stages with bands–including a show band–bit parts in musical theater, pianist/performer with a comedy troupe in LA, and bit parts in a NY Indie movie that never got produced, acting is a natural outgrowth.  I have no illusions of being a star.  I’m just looking for work.

Also born out of writing a couple of scores for musicals, I wrote the book, lyrics and music for Time Travelers In The Celestial Age.  This led to converting a stage play into a screenplay, which turned out to be the final project for my Masters thesis at the U of MN. (Masters in Liberal Studies).  Following this, I was hired in Las Vegas to write my first full length screenplay, 7/11 Pair O’ Dice Road…also never produced…but, I did get paid!

Being a singer, keyboardist, performer, songwriter, non-fiction writer, screenwriter…it’s not the least bit scatter-brained.  Being successful and making money is what lays criticism to rest.

JerryFlattum.com is under construction and being splintered into multiple sites.  JerryFlattum.com will focus on music with other sites featuring writing, blogs, books, and other endeavors.

Currently a profile is available on LinkedIn.

My song catalog and production music is found on Soundcloud.   The Reverbnation and Soundclick player apps are found on this site.

A prototype of SwitchTrak, a production music library database, is available at SwitchTrak and Songs (both links on the same site).  SwitchTrak is unique, something I believe I can monetize, but I need design support.   Add that to recording costs and web design costs.

Another Multiple Creative Personality Disorder issue is the convergence of Pop/Rock, World Beat and film scores.  My roots are the Blues and Classic Rock, but I also took a side road into Musical Theater.  Musical Theater is a world of arrangers and composers, contrasted with the music of Pop/Rock created mostly by bands.

Add production music and film scoring to my list of challenges.  Hence, the pursuit of a 2nd Masters in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media at the Academy of Art (San Francisco, online).  Next semester begins Feb 14, 2014.  Also from the U of MN. I have one of the 1st self-designed BS degrees in Songwriting.  But…the bottomline is a Hit Song.

A draft of The Entertainment Cyberscope, a portal and blog for all things behind-the-scenes in entertainment online, is also found on the Musesmuse.com website and will be rebuilt on a dedicated domain.  I’ll be contributing to the EC on a consistent basis in the coming months.  It has tremendous potential for monetization.  If I can drive an income from my own blog, it will go along way towards writing for others on a grander scale.

So, it’s a race to see which project/endeavor raises money the fastest, in turn, providing the financing for other projects.

I’m not interested in the high life.  I’m interested in investment.  I love the idea of one project financing another project.  One thing leads to another.  They call it a track record.  That’s what I’m after.

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