Hit Song List & To Do List – Oct 27, 2015

Jerry Flattum
Performer/Songwriter & Writer

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Hit Song List

(Demos only:  New arrangements, guitar, backup vox + mastering in-progress)

Another One Of Those Nights


Doin’ Time


Longest Love Song


Restless Heart


Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’)


From One Lover To Another


Frozen In Time

Tied Down


More on Jerry Flattum – Soundcloud (New demos being added ASAP)

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DropZone is simply the title for my “To Do” List. Not in any specific order, although I continue to try and knock off tasks sequentially, one by one. They say, and you know how smart “they” are, that checking off a task list on a daily basis renders a sense of accomplishment. There’s no question it’s a good feeling when you…get things done. It’s all about results.

Linkedin Profile

  • Change theme for site (Currently building mockup on a sub-domain)
  • Establish minimum net monthly income at 3K via full time w/ entertainment co.
  • Supplemental income: Resgister with LA Casting, Sandy Alissi, and other
  • Supplemental income: new column (previous:  “Story Conflict” – Script Magazine
  • Find Agent (Casting, Publishing, Licensing, Scoring)
  • Pursue Kobalt; Sony/ATV; focus on administration of catalog
  • Songs:  Arrange, guitar, backup vocals, mix, master
  • Transfer Academy of Art to UCLA; continued Pro Tools (w/ certification), arranging, scoring
  • Re-develop SwitchTrak, production music library database — includes songs (launch site)
  • Finalize Script: Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – A Sci-Fi Action/Adventure (musical version); create storyboard w/ Storyboard Pro —import to Pro Tools for songs & score (+ SFX)
  • Publish: Global Enterainment In The 21st Century (Smashwords; Kindle); launch domain
  • Publish: Song Creation (publish as series)


Dancer - Gold - 400x486 (269kb)

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