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Jerry Flattum
Performer/Songwriter & Writer

Santa Clarita/Newhall, Ca., June 18, 2016

Following are continuously updated notes on myself as a Performer/Songwriter and Writer.


New plans include focus on website revision.  This will include:

  • New theme
  • More visuals
  • More comprehensive menu
  • Uploading of individual demos w/ production, arrangement plans for each
  • More aggressive “Pick A Hit” campaign interlinked with crowdfunding campaign
    Published and unpublished writing
  • Launch of Entertainment Cyberscope:  Portal, Search Engine and Blog for all things behind the scenes in entertainment (proposal for app and info architecture strategies)
  • Ops/Ed
  • Global Entertainment In The 21st Century:  Exploration of the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global stage, and redefines the question, “What is entertainment.”
  • Song Creation:  Comprehensive manual on songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and business perspectives.
  • “Animal Life”
  • One Paycheck Away (Homelessness on a global scale)
  • Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – Sci-Fi Action/Adventure
  • Watertown, S.D. – Coming of age filmmaker heads for Hollywood


See “Pick A Hit” on Pulse, LinkedIn’s blogging platform.

Pick-A-Hit is a new and unique crowdsourcing campaign geared towards audiences having a say in which original songs have the greatest hit and licensing potential (original songs are mine).  Although I’m starting with my own songs, if the campaign is successful, it could generate interest amongst other artists to lean towards audience approval vs. the traditional label/producer choosing which songs get released commercially.

I’ve found that professional musicians do not necessarily know what’s best for a song in terms of arrangement, and in turn, I’ve heard amazing ideas of how songs should/could be arranged by non-professional musicians.  In general, I’ve found that “professional” musicians are not all that professional.  Many music fans continuously amaze me in their knowledge of music and I wish some of them played instruments.


Decided not to write a column for  I’m sure it’s a great site for collaboration, but I can no longer write columns for free.  I don’t need to prove myself by providing content that benefits a site under the pretense it will gain me some kind of attention.  I’ve written dozens of articles for numerous sites and not once did I ever receive an offer of employment.

I stripped my own site of all my published and unpublished writing with plans to re-upload and re-organize.

I’m a fairly well published freelance writer, columnist, and journalist.  A Google search on my name will pull up a haphazard selection of various writings published around the Net, although Google also lists tons of links to stuff that really doesn’t need to be indexed.  Many publications are not available online, or require a search on specific sites/proprietary search boxes to see writing work.

As my site develops, I’ll upload links and writing samples.

I’ve written for the Minnesota Daily, Minnesota Technology,,, Callback,,, and many more.  The dangers in writing for un-established websites is that they disappear, taking with them all the content provided by numerous writers–paid and unpaid.

Script Magazine, What Is A Story?

Below are two books I plan to publish via Smashwords and subsequently, Kindle.

Global Entertainment In The 21st Century
Publishing Global Entertainment In The 21st Century – An Overview of the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global scale, and redefining “what is entertainment?”

The book is soon to be published through Kindle.  Speaking of Amazon, I plan on submitting Time Travelers In The Celestial Age to Amazon Studios, a Sci-Fi Action/Adventure screenplay (see below).

Song Creation
Song Creation
– A comprehensive exploration of songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and business perspectives.

The books started as research projects during my 1st Masters work at the Univ. of Minnesota (Masters in Liberal Studies and a Self-Designed BS in Songwriting).  Time Travelers In The Celestial Age was my major project (instead of a thesis), and was originally written as a musical.  I’m still considering the pursuit of the musical version.


Jerry Dances - 576x576 (373kb)


JerryFlattum 1

Jerry Flattum 2


LinkedIn – Profile & Bio

Jerry Flattum (Resume 4.29.16)





Jugglers (Album & Single) – Hear the album in the right sidebar.

Singles – A mix of demo recordings available on Soundcloud

SWITCHTRAK – A Production Music Library Database (Located below the Jugglers Album in the right sidebar)

Prototype here – SwitchTrak).



Real Estate Magnate & Sugar Daddy in America’s Court w/ Judge Ross

Russian Mobster in an episode of Criminal Minds.

Profile on Backstage:  Jerry Flattum – Backstage


Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – Screenplay (Copr. 1980; 2016)
Sci-Fi Action/Adventure about a brilliant physicist working at CERN (Switzerland) who accidently triggers the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and along with his estranged 15 year old daughter, a rebellious female environmentalist, his East Indian assistant and an irate reporter, travel into the futuristic “Celestial Age.” Caught between now and the future in what almost seems to be a parallel universe, they discover a wonderous age threatened with total annihilation.

Watertown, S.D. – A coming of age story about a young filmmaker who begs, borrows and steals local resources to make a major motion picture destined for the Oscars.

Entertainment Cyberscope (EC)

Portal, Search Engine and Blog for all things behind the scenes in entertainment.

Attached is a PDF file describing what the EC is all about

(PDF uploading soon as of April 2016)

Song List

First, please listen to the album, Jugglers  (Album & Single), in the right sidebar, and below it is, SwitchTrak, a production music library. All recordings are demos.

Following is a sampling of demos immediately available without clicking any links.  Please bare in mind, these are demos, meaning, they are not complete recordings. New arrangements will have a World Music and Cinematic influence along with mixed guitars, drums & percussion, and backup vocals.  I’ve also added 3 songs in progress without vocals at the bottom. Any interested arrangers, orchestrators, producers and remixers, please contact me.

Another One Of Those Nights


Doin’ Time


Longest Love Song


Restless Heart


Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’)


From One Lover To Another


Frozen In Time

Tied Down


Here’s a few In-Progress – no Vocal:

I See The Universe In Your Eyes

Share Your Heart

That’s Just The Way She Is


To Do List

  • Change theme/add content for site (building mockup on a sub-domain)
  • Find work with minimum net monthly income at 3K
  • Resgister with casting agencies and pursue auditions
  • Pursue writing jobs
  • Publish book with Kindle (and Kindle Singles)
  • Find Agent (Casting, Literary, Licensing, Scoring)
  • Pursue Kobalt; Sony/ATV; focus on administration of catalog
  • Songs:  Arrange, guitar, backup vocals, mix, master
  • Transfer from Academy of Art to UCLA or similar
  • Pro Tools (w/ certification), arranging, scoring
  • Re-develop SwitchTrak, production music library database — includes songs (launch site)
  • Final Draft for Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – A Sci-Fi Action/Adventure; musical version; explore storyboard w/ Storyboard Pro —import to Pro Tools for songs & score (+ SFX)
  • Publish Global Enterainment In The 21st Century (Smashwords; Kindle); launch domain
  • Publish: Song Creation (publish as series)


Dancer - Gold - 400x486 (269kb)

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