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Jerry Flattum
Songwriter, Writer & Performer

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Jerry Flattum 2

Los Angeles, Ca.
Nov 2017

Songwriter, Singer, Keyboards, Digital Arranger
Writer (Non-Fiction; Screenplays)

 Jerry Flattum (Resume – Aug 2017)

Music – Songs


Set to Release Jan 2018:

My Little Girl

Best Place Around features over 40 Song Demos

As of Nov. 2017, efforts are being made to raise the money necessary to cover recording costs in producing master-quality recordings in prep for licensing and commercial release.

New arrangements will feature a stronger Global and Cinematic music influence.  Sampling technology will be used for pre-production, keyboard and synth parts. Recordings will feature performances by session players on guitars, drums/percussion, orchestral and World/Ethnic instrumentation.


Album Featuring 12 Demos


Also available on:

Jerry Flattum – SoundCloud


Song Titles

Just for fun, I thought I’d upload my ongoing list of Song Titles – Mine. There are well over a 1000.

Coming soon, I will also upload the 1/2 baked lyrics that go with these titles, and perhaps develop them online.  Let me tell ya…I have a ton of material. So posting online also serves as a backup. Titles cannot be copyrighted.  Am I afraid of theft? No. I trust any songwriter worth his/her weight in beats and notes is determined to be original and unique.

Let it be known, my ultimate goal is a minimum of 3 Hit Songs, however hit songs are defined in the New Millennium.


Production Music Library Database
Prototype website features 2 sections:  SwitchTrak & Songs


Currently writing for Dr. Peter Dobias Natural Healing (various websites).

Most recent article, “Guide to Food Supplements for Dogs.”
(Also available as PDF – – Guide to Food Supplements for Dogs)

I am now a member of IAPWE – International Association of Professional Writers & Editors

Published features over 300 articles/essays from newspapers, magazines & online
(See Menu: Published Writing)

Global Entertainment In The 21st Century:  Non-fiction eBook exploring the Convergence of Entertainment & Technology on a Global Scale and Redefining the Question, “What Is Entertainment?”

Soon To Be Published (Kindle, Smashwords & More)

Song Creation – A comprehensive songwriting manual (eBook) from the
technical, social, cultural & business perspectives.

Visualize The Future – Non-fiction eBook featuring a comprehensive look at how we
visualize, negotiate and create the future.

The Entertainment Cyberscope
Portal, Blog & Search Engine (In Development)
for all things behind-the-scenes in entertainment

The Entertainment Cybersccope is also a companion to
Global Entertainment In The 21st Century.

Social Media




Backstage (Actor Profile)

Soundcloud (Features Jugglers, an album of 12 Tracks)

Pinterest (Features extensive pix & video for the Entertainment Cyberscope)

  • Hold Masters in Liberal Studies & Self-Designed BS in Songwriting
    University of Minnesota (National Honors Society)
  • Training includes Academy of Art, San Francisco (online), Masters in Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media.
  • In 2017 Accepted to the California Institute of Arts, Masters in Performance and Composing. Will not attend.


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