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Jerry Flattum
Performer/Songwriter & Writer

Los Angeles (N. Hollywood), Jan. 30, 2016

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Jerry Flattum 2 is undergoing a dramatic new design, everything from a new WordPress-based theme to a more extensive menu featuring more songs and new arrangements, published and unpublished writing, acting credits, and screenplays.  (A Google search on my name will pull up links to published content online).

I’d love to keep you posted on the changes as they happen so please use the Contact form and send me a hello.

Honestly, I need the help of a web designer…or is it a psychiatrist…probably both.  No, what I need is an agent/manager.

A changing website is truly a reflection of my current state of being since I’m also going through so many radical changes…but good ones!

Masters in Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media
For me, learning never stops as I pursue a 2nd Masters in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media (an online program via the Academy of Art, San Francisco).  Ah, the wide wonderful world of film scores and sound effects!  Being a songwriter with goals to license my songs in film, TV and elsewhere, graduating to film scoring and SFX is a severely daunting task.  Not sure how far I’ll go, but so far it sure helps in terms of creating Cinematic and World Music-influenced arrangements for my songs.  It certainly informs my acting and screenwriting endeavors.

My Songs
All the songs you hear on this site are demos.  I’m working on new arrangements via a Pro Tools-based home studio, which will sound dramatically different, especially with the help of session players and a mix/mastering engineer.  The obstacle isn’t creating new arrangements, but raising the money to cover outside recording studio costs, session players, backup singers, mix and mastering engineers, and a producer or two.

Script Magazine, “What Is A Story?”
I ended my column with Script Magazine in 2015 called, “What Is A Story? Script Magazine was great in allowing me to develop my own understanding of screenwriting as I wrote articles focusing on the nature of storytelling in movies.  More so, it helped to fuel energy in my own Sci-Fi Action/Adventure called, Time Travelers In The Celestial Age.  More on the script later.

I love being in front of the camera as well, hence, the headshots below.  My most recent acting credits are (courtesy of Central Casting and LAC Background):  The role of a Real Estate Magnate & Sugar Daddy in America’s Court w/ Judge Ross, and a Russian Mobster in an episode of Criminal Minds.

Casting Directors, please see my profile on Backstage:  Jerry Flattum – Backstage

I started out in Musical Theater as both a performer and songwriter before becoming a musician/singer in a variety of cover and show bands.  Throw in a comedy troupe called, First Amendment (which no longer exists), and then not too long ago hired to write my first screenplay while living in Las Vegas…working as a freelance writer.  Man, talk about schitzoid.

So, acting, songwriting, performing, screenwriting and freelance writing, all seem to just naturally converge together for me. And no, I have no desire to direct.  Actually, I suffer–along with most other artistic types–from what I call MCPD, or, Multiple Creative Personality Disorder.

Time Travelers In The Celestial Age
Pitching Time Travelers In The Celestial AgeA Sci-Fi Action/Adventure about a brilliant physicist working at CERN (Switzerland) who accidently triggers the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and along with his estranged 15 year old daughter, a rebellious female environmentalist, his East Indian assistant and an irate reporter, travel into the futuristic “Celestial Age.” Caught between now and the future in what almost seems to be a parallel universe, they discover a wonderous age threatened with total annihilation.

Time Travelers In The Celestial Age will be made available on InkTip or by request, and registered with WGA.

A 2nd script is also near completion:  Watertown, S.D. – A coming of age story about a young filmmaker who uses local resources to make a major motion picture he hopes is destined for the Oscars.

Global Entertainment In The 21st Century
Publishing Global Entertainment In The 21st Century – An Overview of the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global scale, and redefining “what is entertainment?”

The book is soon to be published through Kindle.  Speaking of Amazon, I plan on submitting Time Travelers In The Celestial Age to Amazon Studios.

A 2nd book is also near completion called, Song Creation – A comprehensive exploration of songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and business perspectives.

The books started as research projects during my 1st Masters work at the Univ. of Minnesota (Masters in Liberal Studies and a Self-Designed BS in Songwriting).  Time Travelers In The Celestial Age was my major project (instead of a thesis), and was originally written as a musical.  I’m still considering the pursuit of the musical version.

All my music is set to become a part of SWITCHTRAK, a production music library database (You can visit the Prototype here – SwitchTrak).

Demo recordings are also available on: Jerry Flattum – Soundcloud and Jerry Flattum – Reverbnation.

You can listen to the players on both sides of this website, take a trip to Soundcloud or Reverbnation, or simply sample a few tunes below.

Thanx so much for being here.


Songs List

Following is a sampling of demos.  New arrangements will have a World Music and Cinematic influence along with mixed guitars, drums & percussion, and backup vocals.  I’ve also added 3 songs without vocals at the bottom – Would love to work with any remixers so please send me an email (Contact Form).

Another One Of Those Nights


Doin’ Time


Longest Love Song


Restless Heart


Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’)


From One Lover To Another


Frozen In Time

Tied Down


Here’s a few In-Progress – no Vocal:

I See The Universe In Your Eyes

Share Your Heart

That’s Just The Way She Is


More on Jerry Flattum – Soundcloud; Jerry Flattum – Reverbnation

New demos added all the time.  For lyrics, see “Songs” in Menu on this site.
Also see “Leadsheets.”  New leadsheets being created in Sibelius. 

To Do List

                                              Jerry Flattum – Linkedin  Jerry Flattum – Facebook   Jerry Flattum – Twitter

  • Change theme/add content for site (building mockup on a sub-domain)
  • Establish minimum net monthly income at 3K
  • Resgister with casting agencies and pursue auditions
  • Pursue writing jobs, publish book with Kindle (and Kindle Singles)
  • Find Agent (Casting, Publishing, Licensing, Scoring)
  • Pursue Kobalt; Sony/ATV; focus on administration of catalog
  • Songs:  Arrange, guitar, backup vocals, mix, master
  • Transfer from Academy of Art to UCLA or similar; continued Pro Tools (w/ certification), arranging, scoring
  • Re-develop SwitchTrak, production music library database — includes songs (launch site)
  • Final Draft for Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – A Sci-Fi Action/Adventure; musical version; explore storyboard w/ Storyboard Pro —import to Pro Tools for songs & score (+ SFX)
  • Publish Global Enterainment In The 21st Century (Smashwords; Kindle); launch domain
  • Publish: Song Creation (publish as series)


Dancer - Gold - 400x486 (269kb)

  • Singles