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Jerry Flattum
Performer/Songwriter & Writer

Los Angeles (N. Hollywood), April 20, 2016

PLEASE NOTE:  As of April 2016, I have gone homeless along with my 3 cats (Chakra, Sheena and King Henry).  Following is a link to a blog I’m writing, documenting what happened and what I’m doing to find solutions.  Also, very kind people set up a campaign on my behalf.  Any contribution will help.

Immediately, my cats are safe and well taken care of.  They are being foster-cared by very wonderful people and once I’m re-situated, I can take them home.  Meanwhile, I am living out of a tent in the wooded areas around Santa Clarita.

“Songwriter/Writer Homeless w/ 3 Cats”  – A blog on Linkedin’s Pulse blogging platform

Jerry Flattum – – A campaign set up on my behalf to help me get off the streets, get a place, job and car.

“Scratchin’ For A Livin’, Itchin’ For A Fight” – a new song about a bag lady and a bum in love

See Lyric for “Scratchin’ For A Livin’, Itchin’ For A Fight” below

Embarrassment, humiliation, and loss of integrity are the side effects.

I am a professional performer, songwriter and writer with much to give.  I’m not the type to survive the streets of Los Angeles.  Fortunately, I am currently living out of a tent in the Santa Clarita/NewHall area of California, north of LA.

I say fortunate, because at least I’m safe from the streets of LA.  I have taken myself out of harms way, at least in terms of being hurt by others.

If I’m a successful Performer, Songwriter, and Writer at my age, I have the potential to change music history.  I realize how dramatic this sounds considering I’m homeless with a headfull of dreams.  One of the ways I could change history is by bringing attention to all those over the age of 40, 50, etc., who either still have unfulfilled dreams, or new dreams.  I would love to be recognized for that, of course.  But what is so much more important, is that I have the power to open an entirely new market for the “Over 30” crowd…hell, the Over 50 crowd.  I will prove beyond a belief that not only do dreams never die, but that new dreams are born at any age.

The obstacles I have already overcome are enough to kill anybody.  I do wonder how the hell I’m surviving.  Well, I am surviving because of the help of others.  I’m also living on hope and dreams, as much as any physical food I eat.  I also love this world, the Universe, my cats, and a whole lotta other stuff.  It’s possible that I did not love myself, and that, in part, explains why I’m in the situation I’m in.  Perhaps only therapy will reveal the psychological and emotional dynamics that contributed to this horrible and frightful situation.

And then I realize…I am far from alone.  People everywhere in their 40s, 50s–go as high as you like–have overcome the most horifying traumas, from brutally dysfunctional families to identity-shattering divorce, to unbearable homelessness, to life-threatening illnesses.

By no means would a focus on the “Adult Crowd” be a slam on youth.  Success at the age of 5, 15 or 25 is just phenomenal.  And youth is no guarantee of success.  We focus on success, and forget the millions of people Over 30, and the failures they’ve endured.  Sorry, but we are way beyond puppy love and one night stands.  We know what it’s like to love someone for decades.  We know what it’s like to lose everything, after a lifetime of devotion to a family, a career, even a way of life that took decades to create.

We’ve got our own songs to sing.  And maybe, just maybe, youth will once again look up to adults, parents, teachers and leaders, and not see just wrinkles and grey hair, but  what time really means in the equation of life.


What you see is a bag lady and a bum,
stickin’ to the sidewalk like a piece of gum.
Like we decided we wanted to go down?
We like being beggars, crawlin’ on the ground.
Woke up this mornin’ covered with dirt,
made it through the night without gettin’ hurt.
Hope things get better, but not in your neighborhood?
Two of God’s children, but, we ain’t no good, no good, no good!

Some guy got billions, we got no place for the night.
We made our mistakes, but, we’ll do allright.

Look! That guy, you know, he must be a star,
talkin’ on the telephone from in his car.
I’d like to call him, but I don’t have a quarter.
Besides, look at this! The phone is out of order.
I’d like to see him sleep in the park,
lay ya ten to one he’s afraid of the dark.
Got to find shelter, but, we got no place to go.
Makes ya mean and nasty when you’re down so low, so low, so low!

Some guy got billions, we got no place for the night.
We made our mistakes, but, we’ll do allright.

Don’t ask me what happened to our lives…
It’s a sad, sad tale I can’t bear to relive.
What we’ve seen is a crime, you don’t want to know.
We’ve given everything we got, now we got nothin’ left to give. Ha!

Asking for a chance, how ’bout a pair of shoes?
You say, “sorry, can’t play the game, you lose.
So you think we’re just a bag lady and a bum?
We may be poor, but, we sure ain’t dumb.
We’re in love, you can’t take that away,
what happened to us, could be you someday.
When it does, you’ll know what we feel,
it’s a hell of a way to learn what’s real, what’s real, what’s real.

Some guy got billions, we got no place for the night.
We made our mistakes, but, we’ll do allright.

Spoken Adlibs:
Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin’…
just a bag lady and a bum, huh?
Same to you, buddy!
Copr. 2016 Jerry Flattum


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Real Estate Magnate & Sugar Daddy in America’s Court w/ Judge Ross

Russian Mobster in an episode of Criminal Minds.

Profile on Backstage:  Jerry Flattum – Backstage


Jugglers (Album & Single) – NOTE:  Click on Link or hear the album in the right sidebar.

Singles – A mix of demo recordings – NOTE:  Click on Link or hear the recordings in the left sidebar.

Album and singles replicated on SoundcloudReverbnation (and other sites not yet linked)

SWITCHTRAK – A Production Music Library Database (Located below the Jugglers Album)

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Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – Screenplay (Copr. 1980; 2016)
Sci-Fi Action/Adventure about a brilliant physicist working at CERN (Switzerland) who accidently triggers the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and along with his estranged 15 year old daughter, a rebellious female environmentalist, his East Indian assistant and an irate reporter, travel into the futuristic “Celestial Age.” Caught between now and the future in what almost seems to be a parallel universe, they discover a wonderous age threatened with total annihilation.

Watertown, S.D. – A coming of age story about a young filmmaker who begs, borrows and steals local resources to make a major motion picture destined for the Oscars.


Script Magazine, What Is A Story?

Global Entertainment In The 21st Century
Publishing Global Entertainment In The 21st Century – An Overview of the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global scale, and redefining “what is entertainment?”

The book is soon to be published through Kindle.  Speaking of Amazon, I plan on submitting Time Travelers In The Celestial Age to Amazon Studios.

Song Creation – A comprehensive exploration of songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and business perspectives.

The books started as research projects during my 1st Masters work at the Univ. of Minnesota (Masters in Liberal Studies and a Self-Designed BS in Songwriting).  Time Travelers In The Celestial Age was my major project (instead of a thesis), and was originally written as a musical.  I’m still considering the pursuit of the musical version.

Entertainment Cyberscope (EC)

Portal, Search Engine and Blog for all things behind the scenes in entertainment.

Attached is a PDF file describing what the EC is all about

(PDF uploading soon as of April 2016)

Songs List

First, please listen to the album, Jugglers  (Album & Single), in the right sidebar, and below it is, SwitchTrak, a production music library. In the left sidebar are Singles, a collection of songs in search of an album.  All songs are Demos.

Following is a sampling of demos immediately available without clicking any links.  Please bare in mind, these are demos, meaning, they are not complete recordings. New arrangements will have a World Music and Cinematic influence along with mixed guitars, drums & percussion, and backup vocals.  I’ve also added 3 songs without vocals at the bottom – Would love to work with any arrangers, orchestrators, producers and remixers.

Please email me at Jerry Flattum.

Another One Of Those Nights


Doin’ Time


Longest Love Song


Restless Heart


Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’)


From One Lover To Another


Frozen In Time

Tied Down


Here’s a few In-Progress – no Vocal:

I See The Universe In Your Eyes

Share Your Heart

That’s Just The Way She Is


To Do List

  • Change theme/add content for site (building mockup on a sub-domain)
  • Find work with minimum net monthly income at 3K
  • Resgister with casting agencies and pursue auditions
  • Pursue writing jobs
  • Publish book with Kindle (and Kindle Singles)
  • Find Agent (Casting, Literary, Licensing, Scoring)
  • Pursue Kobalt; Sony/ATV; focus on administration of catalog
  • Songs:  Arrange, guitar, backup vocals, mix, master
  • Transfer from Academy of Art to UCLA or similar
  • Pro Tools (w/ certification), arranging, scoring
  • Re-develop SwitchTrak, production music library database — includes songs (launch site)
  • Final Draft for Time Travelers In The Celestial Age – A Sci-Fi Action/Adventure; musical version; explore storyboard w/ Storyboard Pro —import to Pro Tools for songs & score (+ SFX)
  • Publish Global Enterainment In The 21st Century (Smashwords; Kindle); launch domain
  • Publish: Song Creation (publish as series)


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