Creative and Fragmented Writing

Coming Soon to a Digital Theater Near You!

From quotes to one-liners, lists to paragraphs without titles, ideas to just plain fragments, I’ve done an extensive amount of writing that just doesn’t fall into any set format.  Well, actually, Short Codes have come to the rescue (a plugin for WordPress themes). I’ve installed Shortcodes Premium but haven’t learned to use it yet.

And, as the future unfolds, I may very well seek to monetize my creative writing in the form of greeting cards, coffee mugs, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and anything else that uses creative and fragmented writing.

DropZone also includes movie reviews.  They serve a useful purpose in helping me develop as a screenwriter. I’ve yet to be paid as a movie reviewer and probably never will.  However, they do fall in line with a previous column I wrote for Script Magazine, “What Is A Story?”

Copywriters and advertisers are masters of fragments. Companies, brands and entire political campaigns become identified with slogans or single word titles.  It remains embarrassing that one of the biggest companies in the world is called, “Google.” Nancy Reagan’s campaign lives on in the war against drugs:  “Just say no,” And of course, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”

I thought to create an Ops/Eds section to capture random opinions and observations. The bulk of my creative writing falls somewhere between a paragraph and several paragraphs, not enough to substantiate a full article or essay.

Another area is “Transformations.”  This is a collection of words, phrases and paragraphs designed to turn the negative into positive, based on the Law of Attraction and advice/guidance from life coaches and therapists.

Original quotes without a home (like a T-shirt or ad campaign) are a bit pretentious since you need to be somebody before anyone quotes you, unless it’s your 4-year old son or daughter.

So, until I create Shortcodes, slideshows, etc., I’ll have to clumsily use a menu to suffice for now.

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