Global Entertainment In The 21st Century

Following is a link to the first draft of, Global Entertainment In The 21st Century, an eBook set for publication in 2016, exploring the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global scale, and redefining the question, “What is entertainment?”

Global Entertainment In The 21st Century – June 2016

An excerpt was posted on my Linkedin blog, Global Entertainment In The 21st Century.

A companion to Global Entertainment In The 21st Century is The Entertainment Cyberscope, a portal, blog and search engine for all things behind-the-scenes in Entertainment. 

The eBook draft is 75 pages.  The final draft will be in the 250-300 page range.

The book is extensively researched and will include a full index and References list.

It will be updated with many new developments not yet included in the first draft.

I’ll be starting with a standard book proposal for traditional publishers, and a self-published version via Smashwords and Kindle.

What’s great about digital publishing is that corrections, additions and deletions can be made with the updated version of a book (or article) made instantly available.

It’s more practical to think in terms of accumulated changes, and then generate the update.  For instance, new developments happen almost on a daily basis, so a blog is the best choice to capture these developments, and then incorporate into a new updated version of the book.

I don’t plan to go to print, unless I feel there’s a demand, or if the book generates sufficient income to go the print route.  Many people still love to hold a book in their hands, and although I do the bulk of my reading online, I love holding a book in my hands as well.

I very much look forward to comments from readers.  Another advantage of going digital is having the ability to interact with readers via social media and email.

Although I’m proud of the independent work I did in writing the book, the idea of a collaborative and interactive relationship with others is extemely appealing.

A writer needs a voice, but t he voice is heard by others who respond.

Please respond!  I look forward to hearing from you.

— Jerry Flattum
Aug. 1016

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