Jugglers – A New Album – Jerry Flattum


Jerry Flattum, Singer/Songwriter



Jugglers will be my first album release.  Vinyl has made an extraordinary comeback (2017), and once signed to a label, a vinyl version will be released.

All songs are demo recordings. New recordings will feature new arrangements with Session Players, Session Singers, & the latest sampling libraries.

Two “Bonus” demos below feature arrangements & guitar work by Tim Thompson (Nashville) on “My Little Girl,” and Stephen Sea (Los Angeles) on “Best Place Around.”

Jugglers is also available on Soundcloud


Crack’a Ma’ Back (Crack’a Ma’ Back – Lyric)


Longest Love Song  (Longest Love Song – Lyric)


Another One Of Those Nites (One Lover To Another – Lyric)


Don’t Forget About A Billion Stars (Don’t Forget About A Billion Stars – Lyric)


My Little Girl – Tim Thompson/Guitar (My Little Girl – Lyric)


My Little Girl – Original Demo (My Little Girl – Lyric)


Best Place Around – Stephen Sea on Guitar/Arrangement (Best Place Around – Lyric)


Best Place Around – Original Demo (Best Place Around – Lyric)


Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’) (Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’ – Lyric)


Destination: Love (Destination Love – Lyric)


Moment In Time (Moment In Time – Lyric)


Arms Of A Stranger (Arms Of A Stranger – Lyric)


Jugglers (Jugglers – Lyric)


Duke Ellington Blvd. (Duke Ellington Blvd. – Lyric)


Love Me That Way (Love Me That Way (Lyric – Lyric)


You Be My Loveboat, & I’ll Be The Sea (You Be My Loveboat and I’ll the Sea – Lyric)




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