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Nothing is more frustrating for an up & coming Singer/Songwriter–that would be me–than having unfinished recordings, a.k.a., demos.

Why demos and not fully mastered (Broadcast Quality) recordings featuring new arrangements by session players & current sampling libraries?  Well, money…duh.

So, demos are not meant to be heard by the public, that is, the millions of fans the world over waiting for my newest release.  OK that’s not the truth.  In this age of “fake news,” it’s really important to be honest, right?

Although music is “What you hear is what you get,” many of the new arrangements will feature a World Music and Cinematic influence.

It cannot be emphasized enough the magic Session Players bring to an arrangement.  I love being able to create keyboard arrangements featuring a palette of new sounds courtesy of sampling technology.  But what I can’t create in the digital realm, is the amazing talent of live musicians.

A pre-production arrangement (new demos) will be transferred to an outside studio where session players, session singers, and a mix engineer will prepare the final mix.  A 3rd studio will be used for mastering (Broadcast Quality).

How the Demos Were Made:
Most of the demo recordings (Songs) are basic arrangements using onboard sampling libraries of keyboards, then transferred to Pro Tools with lead vocal added (mine).

The demos (Songs) are a showcase for professional arrangers, producers, engineers, musicians and singers.

The demos (Songs) were run through an online mastering service called Mastering Box to enhance quality (mostly loudness).

Enhancement is limited since only the stereo files were run through the online mastering service.

Guitar Arrangements:
Two Songs feature mixes by others.  “My Little Girl” has a Country/Rock version by guitarist Tim Thompson (Nashville). “Best Place Around” features a Jazz/Funk arrangement by Stephen Sea (California).

Both Thompson and Sea are extremely talented guitarists, as well as producers and arrangers.  Their inspiration will last a life time.

In addition to the Country/Rock version of “My Little Girl,” 4 more songs feature guitar work by Tim Thompson and are currently being mixed.  Backup singers will be added.

The four Songs are:  “The Longest Love Song,” “Crack’a Ma’ Back,” “Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’),” and “Don’t Forget About A Billion Stars.”

What’s Missing In The Demos (Songs):
There is no guitar, drum fills, or backup vocals.  Some songs feature sampled horns.  In some cases, the intros and solo sections are incomplete. Keyboard parts will sound dramatically different using current sampling libraries, i.e. Komplete 10, East/West, Ilio, etc.

Licensing and Commercial Release:
The goal is to pursue commercial release and licensing deals for film, TV, commercials and new media.

My first album, Jugglers,
is available on and Soundcloud

Crack’a ‘Ma Back


Another One Of Those Nites


Destination: Love


Longest Love Song


Tell Me (If You Want My Lovin’)


My Little Girl (featuring Tim Thompson – Guitar/Arrangement)


My Little Girl (Original Demo)


Don’t Forget About A Billion Stars


Duke Ellington Blvd.


Miracle Man


It’s Another Heartache


Arms of a Stranger


Best Place Around (featuring Stephen Sea – Guitar/Arrangement


Best Place Around (Original Demo)


How ‘Bout Tonite


Moment In Time


Tied Down


Love Me That Way


Broken Heart Street & Cryin’ Alley


Doin’ Time




Goin’ Down The Wrong Road


Ma’ Baby


Scratchin’ For A Livin’, Itchin’ For A Fight




I’m Desperate


You Be My Loveboat and I’ll Be The Sea (I Can Ride In You And You Can Sail On Me)


Frozen In Time




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