Time Travelers In The Celestial Age

Time Travelers In The Celestial Age

The next and ready for submission draft of Time Travelers In The Celestial Age is coming real soon, and I mean it, like, in the next couple of weeks (it’s now 1.1.18).

 Time Travelers In The Celestial Age is a sci-fi action/adventure film musical.

But of course it’s also written for the stage, are you kidding?

We’re talking big here.  Real big.  Bigger than any musical ever written before in the history of…whoops, sorry!  I was temporarily struck by Trumpitis.

Demos of the songs are below.

I’m still exploring a non-musical version, along with versions across the transmedia spectrum–games, comics, VR, themed entertainment).

In the version available below, the primary location is NASA.  This is changed to Fermilab and CERN, and of course…the future.

And, I added an estranged, brilliant and rebellious 14-year-old daughter. I mean, that’s a major change.  Plus, I added lot’s more conflict.  Gotta have conflict.  Drama is conflict.

Time Travelers In The Celestial Age

Song Demos

Note: New Recordings will sound dramatically different with new arrangements featuring orchestral and world music, and of course, multiple vocals. The score for both film and stage will be created by another composer.

Destination: Love


Longest Love Song




Don’t Forget About A Billion Stars


Moment In Time


Frozen In Time

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