Visualize the Future

Visualize the Future originated as a series of articles on the Future of Human Evolution website,  The site has gone through numerous changes and ownership and since the founder–Brad Hughes–is now deceased, links are unreliable.

It should be noted that Brad Hughes was a leader in the understanding and education of the future of human evolution.  He had tremendous insight into the many often times controvesial areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology, transhumanism, space travel, particle physics, and many more.

He gave me my first opportunity to write about science, an area I am more comfortable with through the eyes of science fiction, than an actual understanding of science.

All articles were converted to PDF and viewable under Published Writing.

Visualize the Future is now going to be an eBook.  Following is the first draft.  Below the draft are the myriad areas covered in the quest to understand how the human race uses everything from tarot cards to optics in space as ways to peer into the future.

Visualize The Future – Introduction

Visualize The Future – Book Draft (2016)

Visualize The Future – Editing Notes

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